Strings 1

‘dreams jangling with lost connections’

March 2024

Remains to possess

An extract from Misha Honcharenko’s upcoming novel Trap Unfolds Me Greedily, forthcoming in June 2024 from Sissy Anarchy.

The corridor was brooding of somnolent spare parts that can be called people. They saw an inky lemon-coloured buoyant still life. It was reminiscent of the body of that patient lying in bed, who had stained his area with blood and urine, where the tissue seemed to be falling apart. Nonsense tension. Where the patient fell, he moaned, he groped for the word on the paper that was lying accessible, they look and nod their heads beautifully. His faceless tongue exhaled painfully; his medicines flew skyward. There were several other people in the room besides the man's relatives. He calmly accepted his restlessness, his mess on the table, his trash that seemed to fit into the thin walls of his neck, as if an injection or blood transfusion could occur in the event of his low hemoglobin.

His body when no one sees him naked, or his clothes penetrate through the light of water spilled on his napkin in case of dropping food or liquid, he is simply able to run away from problems, or he is still warm, sexless, shameless. His daughter’s hands raise every drop of their mobility so that his gaze is balmy, no one has yet banned the emulation of life. Emission of pus light. Too close too sanctuary. Pleased by the groan. Grainy windows as an actress performative act, they are full of porosity.

When they listen to his torture, most likely they expect excruciating slowness. Baroque coldness permeates her brush. She seems to be about to fall, but she is stopped only by the feeling of love, the wide decline of space. Twilight to the sine qua non.

His last look was so loose that his mouth wasn't as scary as the crotch of the bed base, it just caved in. And still breathes living. As if the last shelter was kissing her. If only the hospital could save it. Embrace weaknesses. Crunch of bones in underfeeding. Danke.

MISHA HONCHARENKO is 24-year-old writer and artist from Poltava, Ukraine, who has been living in a state of war since the beginning of the full-scale invasion by Russia. In January 2023, his poetry collection Skin of Nocturnal Apple was published by Pilot Press in the UK.